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California's licensed cannabis industry, united in promoting smart, data-driven policies to protect consumers.

About Us

LCCS is a united coalition of California's largest licensed cannabis growers, manufacturers, retailers, testing labs, associations, advocates, and marketplaces.

We are committed to promoting smart, fact-based cannabis policies to ensure consumer health and safety.

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Resources for Regulators + Media

California's legal cannabis market is a multi-billion industry with the largest number of cannabis employees in the nation. As stewards of this supply chain, LCCS is the go-to resource for regulators, health officials, communities, and the news media seeking to understand the legal market and mitigate the risks posed by illegal operators. Learn more about our areas of industry expertise.

Policy Recommendations

LCCS recommends the following actions to promote public health and safety: 

  • Take action to shut down illicit retail.

  • Strengthen ingredient regulations and labeling requirements.

  • Enhance device security. Issue standards for heavy metal testing of hardware.


Read our letter to Governor Gavin Newsom...

And our follow up, with more details on how the State can protect consumers!

Educational Resources


Read more about current research to help regulators and communities develop fact-based recommendations:

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